Amazon product search data – the next Big Thing


If you want data on how consumers use Amazon to search for and buy products, we’ve got a new Amazon Product Search data service for you.

Happy New Year – 2019 has got off to a rollicking start for keen Amazon watchers. Not content with building the world’s most valuable company, scaring the pants off his competitors and launching rockets into space, Jeff Bezos has now managed to put his personal life front and centre in the public eye. With a personal fortune north of $100bn, Donald Trump says the Bezos divorce settlement is, “Going to be a beauty”. Perhaps for once a lot of people wouldn’t disagree with the 45th President.

Tabloid antics aside, there’s good reason for people in media, marketing and advertising to keep a close eye on Amazon this year. The company is just beginning to leverage its consumer relationships and platform data to offer advertisers a formidable targeting proposition. Early reports from the US suggest some brands are moving half of their search budget from Google to Amazon, which indicates a major market upheaval is underway.

Colourtext has been anticipating these developments with a major new study of the online behaviour, shopping habits and digital lifestyles of 3000 Amazon users in the US. Our unique study has captured and analysed the product search queries that online shoppers submit to Amazon. This is the data that powers Amazon’s new advertising proposition – understanding how to use it will become a key skill for any media and marketing specialist.

Amazon makes some of this data available to vendors selling on its platform through a program called Amazon Retail Analytics Premium, but it’s careful about what it reveals. The data is expensive, with vendors paying 1 percent of their wholesale cost of goods sold to Amazon or a minimum of $100,000 to get access to a database that lets them see some, but not all, of the data Amazon has compiled.

It’s clear brands need a cost effective alternative for accessing Amazon Product Search data and other information about consumers’ use of the platform. This is the inspiration behind our new research study. Colourtext and Netquest have teamed up to collect and analyse every click made by 3,000 U.S. Amazon users on their mobile and desktop devices. The data reveals how consumers use Amazon to search for, compare and finally purchase products across a wide range of categories.

The click-stream data is matched to information from a follow-up online survey completed by 2,279 of the Amazon users who took part in our study. In addition to the device ownership and demographic profiling information we have for each respondent, the survey yielded a wealth of attitudinal and perception data that helps to interpret shopping patterns found within the click-stream data.

This major source of Amazon Product Search data shows how consumers use both Google and Amazon to find the products they want to buy. It contains thousands of path-to-purchase instances where people complete a purchase on Amazon or leave the platform to buy elsewhere. The study also includes data on the patterns of digital content consumption that influence online shopping habits.

Retailers and brand owners will use this data to plan better communication campaigns and create strategies for making Amazon work harder in their favour. Alternatively, companies will find insights that help to create a moat around their business that fends-off future category incursions from Amazon.

All of this data is available for purchase. To learn more about the study, request a data specimen or enquire about specific brand and category-related information please reach out to us here.

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