Colourtext Alerts

What are Colourtext Alerts?

Colourtext Alerts are a simple, low-cost way for media companies to drive revenue growth from local and regional advertisers.

It’s a simple online service that delivers media sales leads, once a day, directly to an exec’s inbox or Salesforce account when local companies use social media to promote new products, services, launches and events.

People who want to monitor retail competitors or general commercial activity in any local market also find the service useful.

Why use Colourtext Alerts?

Media sales teams make hundreds of cold calls every day that often begin something like this, “Are you thinking of doing any advertising at present?”

Ninety-five out of one hundred calls are wasted because the prospect isn’t ready to advertise. In contrast, Colourtext Alerts are automatically generated when companies actively push a new proposition on social media that they want to promote.

This means a huge leap in sales process efficiency is gained when an exec follows up on a Colourtext Alert – they will always be talking to a customer who is currently thinking pretty hard about advertising!

How does it work?

Colourtext Alerts uses machine learning technology to sift through social media and spot the moments when local companies are in-market with live offers that could benefit from press, radio or outdoor advertising. The system has been delivering hundreds of actionable leads every day for more than four years to teams throughout the UK.

What does it cost?

It costs only £200+VAT per month to provide Alerts coverage of a town or city area for everyone in your sales team. Generating sales leads for a bigger region like the Northwest or Yorkshire is just £300+VAT per month. Our minimum sign-up period is 3 months and we only need 1 month’s notice to close your account.

Colourtext Alerts are a simple, low-cost service delivering a big ROI for sales teams that want a more efficient way to find revenue opportunities in their local market.

Start a free trial

Colourtext Alerts is simple, easy and great value but we’d like you to try it for free before you invest. All we need to get you started is a contact list for your team members (so they can begin receiving their sales leads) and the main postcode zones of your local or regional market. Send a quick note by email to discuss how we can set up a free 4 week trial for your team with the minimum of fuss or delay.

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