Fighting back against Amazon

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Fighting back against Amazon – segmenting online shoppers in the US

Market segmentation has been a nerdy personal passion for me since I worked on consumer magazines in the 90s and 00s. I got to create projects for Emap that explored new trends in music, luxury branding, technology and popular culture, which was ace. We even gave some of those studies names like Super Youth, ROAR and Project Phoenix.

Since that time Colourtext has built upon this experience by developing segmentation methodologies that analyse new digital data sets and can operate at global scale. One market of particular interest right now is Retail. This is a sector where brands that depend upon traditional physical store visits to drive their trade increasingly feel the pinch, especially from Amazon.

To learn more about this massive sea change for both consumers and traditional retail brands, Colourtext has teamed up with Netquest, the online research panel company. We used Netquest’s US consumer panel to investigate how online shopping behaviour is evolving in the US.

We did a market segmentation study to reveal e-Shopper behaviours amongst a range of familiar and newly emergent consumer groups. Moreover, we paid particular attention to how different segments are using Amazon. We think the research results provide insights on how retailers can not only survive but also thrive in an environment where online competitors like Amazon increasingly shape the weather.

You can read and download a copy of our summary report here.

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