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Social Mapping is a new and exciting field of media research and market intelligence.  It builds upon traditional research techniques by mining unique insights from the social web that can be continuously tracked and updated.

Social Mapping has many applications, but one key area where it’s making an impact is in the field of Custom Content creation.

Custom Content plays an important role in the marketing mix for a growing number of brands and organisations.  It’s objective is to help companies engage more deeply with their customers and convert positive content experiences into new sales.

The natural providers of Custom Content are established media owners, who traditionally have the creative and editorial skills to produce compelling material.  But what media owners often lack is the deep and specialised domain knowledge of the clients who need their Custom Content services.

Without a sufficiently high level of knowledge about a client’s market, media owners are less able to produce content that will impress an informed or savvy target audience. This is a handicap that can sink new relationships.

The answer to this problem is Social Mapping.

Social Mapping delivers a fast and immersive deep-dive into the latest trends shaping a target field of interest.  It’s role is to bring media research, content teams and client account managers quickly up to speed on key trends shaping a client’s market.

Social Mapping is a fusion of classic media research techniques and advanced social data analytics.  It rests upon massive ‘Big-Data’ audits of web articles, news items and message posts that reflect a target research theme.

The process identifies global, regional or local communities of interest engaged with a topic.  It pin-points influential groups or individuals leading trends and opinion within a community and the key topics of interest or debate currently at play.  It equips research editorial and CRM teams with the contact details they need to monitor or reach out to Influencers in the market.

Social Mapping gives media owners, agencies and brand advertisers ‘live’ access to key developments within a community of interest as they happen.  But crucially it also provides a rigorous, high level framework for understanding fast-moving market trends.

Social Mapping delivers a state-of-the-art knowledge base for any consumer market sector or professional specialisation.  It reveals deeply practical, even street-wise, market insights about relationships of influence, vested interests and the evolution of trends that are largely opaque to traditional research methods.

We’d like to begin a conversation about how your company can benefit from the actionable market insights that Social Mapping can deliver.  You can reach us today by email to discuss recent case studies – we respond directly to every message we receive.

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