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Colourtext was asked by Ray Poynter of Vision Critical (@raypoynter) if we could re-run the popular #MRX Influencer ranking we produced for Research Live (@researchlive) back in 2012.

The objective was to find the most influential members of today’s #MRX market research community on Twitter. We also hoped to discover new insights on how Social Influence can be won in any specific market vertical or community of interest.

We dusted off our original ‘market research’ keyword and key phrase list, which included the #mrx hashtag. Data came from Twitter’s public API and the collection period ran from 11th – 28th July 2014 inclusive.

Data cleaning for this re-run was pretty simple – Ray just wanted to focus on Twitter messages that contained the #MRX hashtag. Two small, but interesting, gremlins that came to light were a growing association of #mrx with mountain biking and Bollywood movies (#MrX – i.e. Mr X).

Twitter reflects a dynamic and fast-moving MR industry and Colourtext’s #MRX analysis reveals a new Influence ranking for the MR community. Several of the top Influencers from 2012 remain close to the top of the table but have been joined by a lot of new faces.


#MRX Influencer Top 20 2014

(data source: Colourtext, Twitter Public API) 

Previous #MRX Influencers that remain in the Top 20 include @raypoynter, @researchlive, @jhenning & @lennyism.

Key Influencers from 2012 that have been pushed out of the new Top 20 include @tomhcanderson, @lovestats, @oleandresen

However, it’s important to add the following caveat: the #MRX ranking for 2012 was based upon 12 months of data and a wider keyword list, whereas the latest ranking is based on just 18 days in July and focuses purely on the use of #MRX. It’s possible some of our previous Twitter champs don’t use #MRX that often or were taking a well earned vacation during the latest data collection period!

Nevertheless, the new data provides fascinating insights on what it takes to accrue Influence within a social media context.

Each of the top #MRX Influencers have earned their position because they are good at getting other members of the #MRX user base to engage with their tweets and / or share their content. In this sense it doesn’t always count if you have the biggest number of followers, but we do find that Twitter users generating the greatest number of relevant and on-topic tweets tend to be higher up the table.

For instance, @euromonitor (ranked #1 in July 2014) issued a daily average of 7.8 #MRX tweets, including weekends. Over the course of one particular week they issued 61 tweets containing 25 individual messages, some of which were repeated once a day at different times on up to 5 separate occasions.

However, this doesn’t mean @euromonitor is ‘spamming’ the #MRX network. Because their tweets often contain links to interesting and high-relevance reports they generate a lot of RTs, which contributes significantly to their network Influence. Tweets about the following topics generated the most RTs for @euromonitor:


#MRX Euromonitor Tweet Topics

(data source: Colourtext, Twitter Public API) 

Second position in the 2014 #MRX Influence ranking is occupied by @raypoynter. By using a personal (rather than a corporate) Twitter account Ray takes a different approach to building influence, and it clearly works. Ray authored 106 tweets containing #MRX during the collection period (the second highest overall) covering a wide diversity of message themes.

Interestingly, 46 of Ray’s tweets (43%) were RTs (i.e. re-tweeting other people’s messages) and a further 28 (26%) were replies to other Twitter users. This demonstrates that in contrast to @euromonitor, Ray’s influence rests to a large degree on frequent direct interactions with other members of the #MRX community.

Both of the approaches adopted by @euromonitor and @raypoynter have yielded winning Influencer scores, but how much more effective is one strategy versus the other? The following chart plots the relative degree of Influence acruing to @euromonitor compared to the next 29 #MRX Influencers.


#MRX relative social influence2


It shows that @euromonitor’s Influence score is twice the magnitude of @raypoynter in 2nd position. This suggests @euromonitor’s disciplined approach to selecting message topics, embedding links to reports, re-issuing tweets over multiple days and varying the timing of repeat tweets (perhaps to reflect different time zone needs) can increase Twitter network reach, boost brand awareness and increase perceived credibility within a target community.

For more details on the full #MRX Influencer Analysis please email us and we’ll respond asap.


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