Social mapping for Enterprise IT


Social Mapping can be defined as using social data analysis techniques to identify and study select groups of individuals, typically people with significant influence over your customers’ brand perceptions and purchase decisions.

Social mapping can help to drive Influencer Marketing strategies designed to extend the viral reach of a brand campaign but also boosts the perceived credibility of a brand’s message.

Moreover, studying Influencers can give any company the edge in understanding, and responding to, new market trends and developments.

On a recent project with Samsung and Bloomberg Media, Colourtext deployed its Social Mapping technology to identify and map a global community engaged with the topic of “Enterprise Mobility”.

Our objectives were to reveal the hot topics of debate within the field of “Enterprise Mobility” and pin-point key Influencers shaping debate within the community.

The study drilled into the topic of Enterprise Mobility by analysing 30,000 blog posts and news articles, plus a further 268,000 Twitter messages. This material was authored globally in English over a 6 month period, ending April 2014.

The analysis identified and profiled 100 top Influencers in the Enterprise Mobility space, understanding their key interests or motivations and providing appropriate details for contacting each individual.

At the core of the Enterprise Mobility debate we found the concept of BYOD (meaning “Bring Your Own Device” to work). BYOD neatly summarises the dilemma of corporate I.T. departments struggling to please employees who want a more consumerist and mobile-friendly IT experience at work, whilst maintaing a traditional “command & control” approach to corporate IT security.

The main fear is that a leakage of personal content or corporate information from one one side of the line to the other becomes more likely when personal devices are used at work.

A good example is the recent discovery of the “Heartbleed” virus. It targets social networks to exploit personal smartphone use as a means to siphon off confidential data from corporate networks. That’s bad news for any company.

The BYOD trend could further erode the line between personal and professional spaces in other ways.  The potential risks stretch from the merely embarrassing (did you really mean to Snapchat your boss on Saturday night?) to the seriously career limiting (the non-aproved game app you installed on your phone fraped your company’s entire client contact list).

We’re guessing that currently obscure Enterprise Mobility trends like BYOD will have a palpable effect on everybody’s professional life sooner rather than later.

If you’d like to learn more about Colourtext’s Social Mapping and Influencer Ranking technologies please get in touch – we’d be happy to answer your questions.

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