Embracing Social – why brands hesitate

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The 2013 GRIT Report (published by GreenBook Blog) reveals that Social Media and Text Analytics are two of the top 5 techniques researchers plan to use in the future. However, people in many organisations (in this case Market Research professionals) feel they face challenges when using what Colourtext calls ‘Social Insight’ techniques today.

The GRIT study found that a full 39% of its respondents felt constrained in their use of social data analytics. The main issues holding them back are a lack of knowledge about Social Insight techniques (44%) and perceived lack of proof that Social Data Analytics actually works (41%). Indeed, GRIT found that 62% of clients who buy market research services just don’t know enough about Social Data to be able to use it.

Despite this, client are eager to explore this fast growing opportunity. However, they are are holding off because they are skeptical, but because they don’t know where to begin with selecting a supplier and integrating Social Insight data into their current activities.

We believe the study of the Market Research industry in this year’s GRIT Report illustrates a wider demand for more guidance and creativity in shaping best practices in the use of Social Insight techniques. Colourtext is part of a growing wave of innovation in data analytics that aims to address this challenge.

To find out more about Colourtext, you can download our presentation “Introduction to Colourtext” here.

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